9teen++. My birthday falls on the 28th of OCTOBER, which makes me a scorpio! Likes to shop, wants to travel, only likes to read books with nice covers and loves to watch movies that makes me either laugh or cry. Long hair, always feel like cutting it short but never will. Love to wear dresses and heels to make me look taller! Always fond of the color black, in clothing or shoes. Love my current organizer, big and VERY colorful!
♥ LittleBoy.




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Thursday, July 03, 2014 1:11 AM

Being alone whereby there's no one around you is nothing..

Being alone whereby you can't trust anybody is the worst.

I hate this feeling.

I just want to get away..

Sunday, April 08, 2012 9:04 PM

I miss you.

I know its silly thinking those things will reach you. But i hope you can get them.

I never know how it will be without you. All this while, I never wanted to think about it.
2 more days to a year.

I miss you so much.

Its tiring pretending to be fine, to be happy, to be okay.

Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:02 AM


3 more lesson before this semester is over. Then 1 more month till exams. And holidays.
Cant believe dad actually says okay if i go Genting with og mates. :]

But i should find a part time job during the holiday?

Parents going Genting tml. Back on sat. Have to stay home till then.

Many things happen, but i dont really know where or what to start with, so its best not to start, because laptop battery is going to finish up sooon. Very soon, maybe 30 more mins.

Well, guess i should sleep early, and play sudoku. I am still quite addicted to it.

Friday, February 26, 2010 12:13 AM

give me hope.
just one.

Monday, February 22, 2010 12:03 AM

yes, after so long, i just think that i can survive without blogging, and i no longer feel that i want to note down what happen in my life in this blog because theres no point.

But i am fucking pissed now and i think i should write something out to vent my anger.

if all the food you find you can eat without asking the right person for perimission, why not you eat the shit he just pooped. Fuck. i purposely bought it for breakfast, thanks to you my night is even worse and i have no proper breakfast. and its not the first time, not the 2nd time. alot of times already, cant you just ask me. wtf.

I tot having to tolerate the stupid lecturer is enough, wth, this have to come at this timing together! fuck.

And guess what, its an open book test, the lecturer know nuts, he said its a closed book test, oh whoopie, we are all suppose to memorise all the case and whats its name and what its about by memory. Do we have to remind you that you know nuts? You have no idea that tml, or should i say, less that 12 hours, its our test! Yes, its our responsibility to know about our test, but no revision no nothing, i paid so much school fees to be treated like this. what the fuck.

And you are not helping by last min uploading some information to the student portal. It just make everything worse, all the lecture, no i should say the 2 lecture is a waste of my time, no notes to copy, no nothing, just examples, and how are we suppose to note down stuffs at your speed. what the fuck.

i will have a busy week ahead. everyday school work tuition school. so STOP ANNOYING me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 4:19 PM


seriously. just fml.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 12:59 AM

Mad happy!

Craving for popeyes mashed potato, but didnt buy it in the afternoon.

Was bored, so wanted to buy tibits, but was already 10.30, so dad say can go Giant to buy, shun bian bring littleboy go out, but i cant think of anything to buy, after thinking for quite some time, decided to try my luck see, if theres any popeye that open till late! So check and found out that Airport Popeyes is 24 hour! So Dad drive me there to buy! Yums yums. So i am happy now with mashed potatoes.

I shall eat it and watch movies online.

Loves. :]

Saturday, December 05, 2009 11:35 PM

Chaught New Moon. Its really.... disappointing, alot of scenes are cut and its alittle different.
Still love the book more.

Well, anyway, i finally had teppanyaki. yums.

I wish i have passed my driving, so i can drive out now to changi airport to buy Popeyes Mashed potates like now. I am hungry! Or i can drive to geylang dabao dou jiang you tiao. zzz

My face is kind of dry, then got alot of yi li yi li. Sian. And i feel like learning how to draw eyeliner, but i cant stop er, when people help me, my eyes will keep shivering. Weird representation of words.

I cant stop thinking of mashed potatoes lei, only changi airport T3 is 24 hours.

Not sleeping yet, cause not sleepy. Think i should go hunt for food around the house.
Took shower already so i dont want to go down buy prata either. No mac delievery too, its making me -o-
Tried the blaack pepper chicken from KFC, its really hot! Spicy la. Actually quite nice, but too spicy. Eat le, stomach will abit dont feel well.

Going out tml, maybe i should consider sleeping early.

Thursday, December 03, 2009 8:08 PM


I passed, and i think the result give me a shock, cause i cant believe i can actually get that marks for marketing. ITS really OHMYGOD la.

New moon starts today, i want watch lei.

I want go shopping, pay coming in next monday.
I want buy more shoes and clothes!

Littleboy is love. So cute, keep tou kan me.

Monday, November 30, 2009 9:36 PM

fish, i am so fishing nervous.

I dont dare to click the god damn website.
I gu qi yong qi then click, then realise haven out yet, another 3 day.
Now i have to gu qi another yong qi.
I am not sure if i am able to take it not.

fish fish fish.

WAH, really is fish.

Monday, November 23, 2009 1:35 PM

600th entry. Cool or not, i think also got include those drafts, which is, i type 2-3 words or sentence jiu give up de entry.

Well, in the cold office again, bored and zzzz. I sleep alot during my weekend, but i still got double eye-lid on one side, my eyes look so 1 big 1 small lo! zzz.

Super hate the guy that keep walking behind me, and constantly peeping in what i am doing, really, if i sit the other side, i dont mind extending the work period, now i am so irritated with it. Have to call out again, so freaking boring please.
Tml last day, hopefully i can call finish and dont have to extend work again. Maybe i should hope that those girls also call finish sooon, so i dont have to call for them. else i sure dl.

I so feel like shopping, i still haven buy that heels. hmmm, boring shit.

er, eyes very itchy. oh, i rmb what i wan to blog already, bought alot of stickers from artbox the other day. so cute, spend alot on stickers like abit dumb, but got alot of them, i can stick on planner, diary, notes etc. so cool, and i think i should go buy the light blue post it, the color look so nice. :]

As usual, i wish its 5.40 now! YAWNS

Friday, November 20, 2009 1:39 PM


Ohmyfreakinggod. Its been a week since littleboy case! Yes, it happens last friday night. I stayed in the hospital waiting for littleboy to look better, he was on the oxygen therapy which let him breath more oxygen? Anyway, the medical bills are like super expensive! $5xx. But for littleboy health, no choice right. And then i am like so tired after trying to stay awake, and i cant stand at the littleboy cage there, cause he will keep looking at me and not able to rest properly. I was constantly crying after i waited till morning, then the doctor tell me i should go home, i am like huh, i cant bring him home? He is like yah, he need to be hospitalized like another 2 day to be observe, wah, i straight away cry infront of him, so embrassing. Shit la, and then i keep crying until dad come. And everybody also keep looking at me, cause i holding a form(hospitalization form) and cry. Look like..... Then when dad come, he help me tell the doctor that dont want littleboy to be hospitalized for another day. So doctor say compromise, let him observe for the day then see how.

And i am suppose to head home and rest then meet poly classmates, after taking a shower, i straight away knockout. And sleep till mum shake me say my dad call. Its like i am late already to meet. I totally cannot make it. 26 hours of no sleep will kill me. And so i decided to not meet them and knock out again, until the hospital de people call, luckily can fetch littleboy home in the evening, and brought him to buy mango, he seem especially cute. :]

ANYWAY, been working here for the past week, hate squeezing in the morning train, so many people and they just squeeze next to you like nobody business. And the train home also very squeezy. WTH. Now i am suppose to call people but after calling for so many days, i am like super lazy and dont feel like calling people or talk to anyone. Maybe i should start calling at 2? How i wish a snap of finger, the time will become 5 where theres is debriefing and another snap of finger i will be at home.

Everyday rain, actually quite nice, i can take out all my thick clothing and long sleeve clothing to wear. But floor wet wet, easy fall and shoes become wet. Talking about shoes, i still considering if i should buy the platform heels. HMM, should i? 10.5 cm, i will be taller!

Caught Amelia yesterday with sharon and fiona, kind of sad and its like the ending i dont really like. I understand thats how the history goes but its really not what i like. And i tot the husband quite poor thing, and because nothing much to do i went to wiki them, the husband got married like 3-4 times, so maybe, not so ke lian afterall. Initially i tot it would be boring, but i find it quite interesting actually.

And my com has crash! Cant go online or do anything. Since i am also not at home most of the time, plus at night i am already so tired, i just abit heck care, so it has been a week since i last use it too. Luckily before it crash i already, transfer to facebook, plus some burn into disc or save into thumbdrive.

Abit wordy, no pictures in this laptop, very laze transfer. YAWNS! Its only 2pm! 4 more hour till work ends........:[